Meet Simone

Oh hi beautiful

My name is Brittany Carter but you might have met me by the name Simone ( middle name).

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but raised in Atlanta, Ga. I am a recent graduate from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. While attending LUC I had the opportunity to explore many creative avenues and discovered that I am passionate about spoken word and short stories. I love creating empowering stories and uplifting rhymes-Spoken Word. Writing for me is what frees my soul and helps me find new ways to encourage people when our world just seems too cold. I’ve found that it is also a great platform for me to speak truth not my truth but the BOLD truth.

Here at Simone’s Spoken Word, we move people with short stories and spoken word with the hopes of leaving you enlightened and encouraged. We desire to help people find that hope that seems to be missing today. We are a Christian blog looking to be the mirror people need in hopes of them seeing themselves within the short stories and spoken word, therefore, causing a solution which is faith in God and self.

We touch on numerous topics such as love, encouragement, hope, faith, confidence, and beauty. We approach them boldly and confidently so that we produce authenticity because let’s be honest everything isn’t always rainbows and sunshine but we are here to show you that even after the storms you’ll overcome an grow into a better you.