Stop running

Stop leaving and you will arrive. Stop searching and you will see. Stop running away and you will be found. Love Quote ( twitter account)

Stop running everytime someone turns out to be just not right, or maybe not Mr. or Mrs. Right. Stop searching so that the unknown meant for you and I can find and seek out what dwells within the darkest place beyond the hidden mist of you and I. Why run and hide when the challenges will still chase behind.

Running never stopped the storms and seeking trouble never led to golden clouds. Running never won a war yet causes someone to conquer your conquest. It’s okay to stumble across Mr wrong to learn that who you really seek is destined to be flawed within but blessed with the anointment of God since you were created from his rib and was the inner wind floating so deep within.

Searching sometimes leads you to unwanted conquest full of destruction and chaos with the enemy out to kill, steal, and destroy while in love with the thought of you having spiritual chaos. Knowing all that your heart desires sticking you in a room full of mirrors with the hidden treasures reflecting and beaming the desires of your broken heart. Search no more and seek to be sought after. Because after all is said and done the happily ever after has to be fought and chased after.

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