Different love changed man

Hello, my name is John and I love her. As I lay here gazing at her, caressing her body I realized I loved her. We just made love and now we are one. I am now one with the one I love. I don’t know her name, or who dwells within but man I think she is the one. The lust is loud and blocking my vision to see but I think maybe I love her. Now, I was blinded by what seemed to be but lust tends to seem like what is meant to be the clouds clear and I am standing firm wondering who was she. Years go by and now I am wishing you would create in me a new being.

Hello, my name is Brain. As I stand her caressing her mind and stimulating her ever thought I realize I am in love with her essences and her inner being. Learning about the queen that dwells within I realized that I am in love surpass the surfaces of the glow from her skin but deep in love with the soul floating within. We Stand hand in hand memorized by the hunger we both have for God. See I couldn’t see her without him.

Knowing him provided provision for the vision I needed to see a woman of her caliber. Wow, she is the essential essences of a woman with a plan and a warrior not afraid to take a knee just to pray for a man who was once led by the sway in her step and bounce in her breast. My carnal kept me from my helpmate but my submissive spirit to the king above opened up my senses that helped me heal so that I can stand before you ready to be a piece used in God’s master plan. Could you believe that when he formed heaven he also created you and me although he molded us separately he made you just for me.

Hello, I love you.
I was once living as John seeking fleshly desires and when God chose me he rebirth me and named me Brian. Bone of my bone flesh of my flesh created just for thee standing before you as the man I was always meant to be.

Photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BC-zOsBmQcW/


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