During the storm

During the storm, you are washed in love. -Simone

During the storm is when I am enlightened and lifted up to share the moment of growth with the almighty. You whisper words of encouragement that through this storm I will see clearer and be prepared for what is next to come. You wash me so that all the confusion, lies and feelings of defeat is cleansed away.

You are the storm cleansing me of my sinful ways that kept me hidden from you for so many days. To be washed by you is beyond what I deserve but you still show mercy and cleanse me with your blood. The fears that I once stood face to face with fade away and you whisper I was never miles away just standing beyond the rain waiting for you to call my name.

During the storm you show me love because for the longest I believed I was alone but as I sit and bath in your love I am content floating in the abyss of your love. In the storm, you don’t hide me from the challenges but provide me with wisdom and strategy to conquer the enemy before he attacks. In the midst of the storm, I praise your name knowing that beyond the mountain is your glory that radiates my melanin while my praise dances across the clouds that once washed me with pure rain. You are the delight in the midst of the rain because you’re the remainder that storms don’t last always.

Even during the storm, I will sing praises to your name because you are what keeps me strong in the mist of the rain.

Photo credit: https://www.itsablackthang.com/collections/african-american-religious-artwork


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