Thank you beautiful black women

Thank you to all the beautiful black women who created the blueprint so I may live in the truth and bath in the light. -Simone

Beautiful black women thank you for the legacy that you left for me because if it wasn’t for you I would wish I had blue eyes, blonde hair, and well tan skin. But instead, you have empowered me and shown me that full lips, wide hips, and deep melanin is beautiful. You have painted the canvas of a woman that looks back at me and acknowledge my uniqueness and corrects the crown that the people who don’t look like me stated wrongfully that it doesn’t belong to me.

Thank you, my beautiful black queen, because without your guidance and game plan I would be lost seeking the woman that is “suppose to stand in the mirror: slender not too thick, lips not to full, hair not too big as to offend anyone. You have helped me bathe in the light of my destine a plan that was forever my true destiny.

Thanks to you black women I understand that Eve was made for Adam but from Eve kings were birthed to protect us, black queens. You have exposed the truth that I am made from Adams’ rib but separately God had ordained his own divine plan and slaving was never my true destiny. See to God I am a help mate but was never his plan to be just a bedmate.

Thank you, my beautiful black queens, because if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t know how to walk as a queen.

Photo credit: Roslyn Kirk board



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