I am beautiful

My beauty flows deep within pressing into my soul caressing the lovely queen within.

I am beautiful beyond the sway in my hips and the fullness of my lips. Press pass the exterior that you deem as interfere and search my soul. There lays the essences of my integrity and intellectual telepathy.

Wow I am beautiful because I embody awareness of the inner me needing healing and imperfections that separate me from the beautiful queen standing next to me. See I refuse to compare myself to a flower that blossoms in a different season because we were created for different reasons.

I am beautiful because I acknowledge that I am filled with blessing not meant for me to hide but to share with the queen beside me, be a testimony for a world that told us we were only meant to be seen and not heard and that we are nothing but a figure to be caress without words.

I love my beauty because I am not going to suppress my ability to be the best I am destine to be.

Queen me!

Photocredit: https://www.seriouslynatural.org/p/hair.html



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