See beyond the view pt 2 teaser

I was called into the principal’s office and told that I am valedictorian and I was so excited I knocked over Mr. Bakers pencils. Normally when I receive great news like this I would run and tell Miss Jenkins but it is April 1st and I have not seen Miss Jenkins since November. I sat back down in my chair as tears formed in my eyes I didn’t’ t have anyone to share my good news with. I have been asking my teachers where she’s been since I came back from Thanksgiving break. First, they told me she was sick and I assumed she would be back no later than a week and then a week went by. Daily, I asked where she was eager to share my acceptances into Havard but she never showed.  I asked Mr. Baker if he had heard anything from Miss Jenkins and he finally shared with me the reason she’d missed so much school.

He said Miss Jenkin has taken a medical leave and he paused. Medical leave I said.  I said the other teachers said she had the flu but the flu does not last this long.  He then took a deep breath and said she is battling cancer and undergoing chemo. We have all been praying for healing and she is a praying woman so we know she will pull through. Mr. Baker began to tell me that Miss Jenkins had been teaching at Joneson Academy for over 20 years. She came into the academy ready to make a difference in every child’s life she came encountered with and that she did. I drifted into my own world as he went on about all the children he’s seen walk out that door and how proud he was of me.






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