Violin and String

“Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman.”
Ludwig van Beethoven

You are the string to my violin and together we make beautiful music only the Heavenly Father can hear. We sing praises to the man upstairs honoring our union taken before the Lord above. You vowed to speak beautiful lyrics to me words of encouragement that dance like music notes across my soul. Our friendship is like beautiful winds dancing in the sand and I am happy that I gave you my hand.

I am the lyrics that you play in the midnight breeze dancing on the cloud for all to see. You are the man that God created just for me and when I close my eyes I’d swear that you were nothing but a mere dream.

You are the instrument and I am the string and today we embody music for our loved ones to see. We dance together in tune across the sea hoping that the fairy tale is not a dream.

Your kisses empower me to be more than I ever thought I could be in a world filled with people who had the same vision as me. You are my night and I am your dream pleased to lie next to a true king.

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