Seen BUT unnoticed

I want people to see the dress. But focus on the woman.” – Vera Wang

Wake in the morning and stand in my closet. As I scan the numerous things I could pair together the ultimate outfit appears in my head like a light bulb. I grab the fitted olive green skirt and white top with the retro camel wedge heels. After getting dressed I glance through my jewelry to pick out the gold watch and big hoop earrings.  I then make my way to the bathroom to beat my face with my Mac foundation. Next, I stand in the wall to wall mirror to make sure I am satisfied with my overall look.

Now, the woman looking back at me in the mirror is beautiful and is well aware that she will turn heads. People will ask her where she got her shoes from and who does her hair. She will smile and tell them about her secrets to shopping and miss matching some of the hottest threads.

Unfortunately, nobody is focused on the woman within. The woman crying inside to be seen for her talents and hidden pains. The woman dying inside because looks have only gotten her so far but she is desperate for love. Desperate for a man to see surpass the outer woman and search for the woman inside in need for true love. She deeply desires for a man to search her soul and see that she needs healing. But nobody is focused on the woman within. So every morning she gets up and repeats the same routine. Praying for the day that someone stops her and notices the woman that screams so deep within. Desperate to be free and loved for the beautiful queen that lays within.

But she is seen and unnoticed for the woman lying within.


Photo credit: Nychole Owens


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