Clothes Over Matter

“Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.”Arthur Ashe

Clothes don’t make the man but what makes the man stands tall within. You can improve his appearance and he can still be dead within. When I start a conversation to test what hides so far within I look surpass what he uses to hide his true self-located within. See we can just look at the surface but the surface can be dead within.

Manners is just the first step but is it really who dances within. We are all equipped to put on a show so others can’t see the monster that lies within. See the men I’ve seen strong, knowledgeable, self-aware of the self-love that dances within have strength most men can’t stomach surpass pretend. Understand this, I can improve his appearance but the eye wear he needs to see and become self-aware is not made for boys who can’t see real substances that lay within.

Now, he can have the muscles that attracts the naked eye but what about the men with muscles of intelligence that mesmerize. The men who step into conversation embodying their minds with women and emerging together surpass the beauty that lays on the mere surface.


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