Dripping Melanin and Honey

“I am dripping melanin and honey. I am black without apology”. –Upile

Being a black woman in this day in age should not just be a word or label of color but a powerful description of unimaginable beauty. It shouldn’t be defined as “female human being of African descent subject of extreme abuse and oppression based upon the inaccurate or faulty perception of inferiority by the oppressor”. It should be defined as beauty in all shapes and sizes. Nurture, mother of civilization, strong resourceful queens. Hell, the definition should be endless if you ask me. I am dripping melanin and honey. I am black without apology.

As a black woman, I’ve seen us devalued, degraded, underestimated continually and I take a stand to state we are more than our bodies and our various shades of complexion. We are discoveries of endless inventions, trendsetters, creative being, we are mothers of all mothers, we are educated surpass expectation and we are leaders. And must I say we do a damn good job at it all. This list is of just a few things we do best. I am dripping melanin and honey. I am black without apology.

We embody all that fashion stands on today with our sexy curves, lips, hips and various skin tones. Our skin has been seen as a weapon but understand something when the color of your skin is seen as a weapon you are never unarmed. Now we conquer fashion and are standing on the platform that no matter the amount of melanin in our skin or size your wear we are all beyond the beauty that lies on the surface and beautiful within.

Women of all shades we need to embrace one another. We need to take our sassy style and ability to change our hair and empower one another. Stop letting society define you, the media tell you who you are because the true definition of strength is knowing oneself and accepting who you are. I am dripping melanin and honey. I am black without apology.


Photo Credit: https://www.buzzfeed.com/sylviaobell/black-excellence-opulence-decadence?utm_term=.gcz2KOZ31#.osWg4vzBo



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