Those who create are rare

“Those who create are rare; those who cannot are numerous. Therefore, the latter is stronger.” Coco Chanel

I am rare amongst my generation because I possess the ability to create outside the norm. See the limitation you’ve seen doesn’t dwell within the midst of the God within me.  I refuse to be a copycat version of what used to be. See my vision surpasses my years and my dreams are no longer a dream because the holy spirit made them my reality.

I am rare amongst my generation because I realized early that my hobbies are not merely just hobbies yet a purpose laid before me handcrafted just for me. I am rare because I have the ability to create among many that are still lost at sea searching for the light that really is buried in them. See while other are lost God was sculpting me to burst out of my shell way within you see.

I am rare because the person who created me had no beginning, middle, or end and his ability to create me among numerous others still shaped me and made me a rare form, therefore, giving me something none possess far within. I am rare due to the ability to tap into my hidden treasures floating in the midst of the sea waiting for me to gain the reality that my destiny is already being shaped within. Now I see that when he created me I wasn’t meant to stand next to other and compare thee but to accept that just maybe we are all sculpted to be merely just saved and free.

I am rare.


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